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Year-on-year Explosion Nearly 20 Times, How Can Wingtech Realize It?


Annual Report is remarkable: net profit rose nearly 20 times recently, Wingtech Technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Wingtech") released 2019 annual report. According to the report, the company's revenue in 2019 was about 41.578 billion yuan, 139.85% higher than the 17.335 billion yuan in 2018. The profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was about 1.254 billion yuan, up by 1954.37% year on year.

Coordinated development of communication and semiconductor business

Data shows that Wingtech mainly provide communications business and semiconductor business, communications business includes communication terminal product development and manufacturing, semiconductor business engaged in the main business of semiconductor and new electronic components R&D and manufacturing, the company provides new semiconductor electronic components, smartphone, tablet, laptop, computer intelligent hardware, IoT modules such as product development design and manufacturing to global mainstream brands.

New infrastructure , the company continued to develop 5G and semiconductor and other fields

5G and the semiconductor are the hottest technologies nowadays, and these two business sector also let Wingtech Technology to harvest the remarkable reports in 2019, in annual reports Wingtech also confirmed with 5G semiconductor and other fields as the core development strategy at present, China is pushing a new infrastructure in overweight with new infrastructure at the same time, based on the 5G network new infrastructure will become the focus, on the demand side, the informationalized construction is to improve the production efficiency of the strongest power of 5G innovation domestic replacement smart cars, etc., fuelled by rising semiconductor industry long-term trend remains the same 5G will usher in large-scale construction in 2020, which will boost the demand for 5G related chips and communication terminal product.

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