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China Mobile 5G BOX won the swan prize in the intelligent hardware design innovation competition!



2019 5G terminal innovation summit and the 7th China mobile phone design competition swan award ceremony was held on November 6th . The pioneer 01 of 5G BOX developed by Wingtech Technology for China mobile has won the "2019 swan award of the annual intelligent hardware design innovation competition".


5G BOX pioneer 01 has three properties: "New", "comprehensive" and "Multiple".

5G BOX pioneer 01 is the industry-leading NSA/SA dual-mode terminal. Supporting rich industrial interface (rs232/485), GPS positioning, various sensor interfaces and flexible coverage of a wide range of industrial application. Supporting 5G+4G+ gigabit triple connection, computing power can be expanded, to achieve 5G network edge computing scene, give full play to the network potential.

Covers a wide range of scenarios

5G BOX products can cover a wide range of industrial application scenarios, including power grid, video security, industrial interconnection, smart city, new retail, sharing economy, intelligent Internet of vehicles, Express Survice and many other business scenarios. 5G BOX will provide the majority of industrial enterprises and vertical industry customers with higher performance wireless access means, and expand deeper industrial applications at the edge of 5G network.



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