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Wingtech Technology will participate in the 2019 China Mobile global partner conference with many 5G products



In order to welcome 5G, China Mobile Communications Group Co., Ltd. will hold the 2019 China mobile global partner conference with the theme of "5G+ future infinite possibilities" at Poly World Expo in Guangzhou, from November 14 to 16, 2019. As the only ODM enterprise, Wingtech Technology was listed in the "5G terminal pioneer industry alliance" released by China mobile, and took many 5G products to the conference.


At the main BBS A conference held on November 15, China mobile officially announced an ambitious 5G leading plan, which aims to develop 70 million 5G users, sell 300 million 5G services, 100 million 5G mobile phones, 50 million Home Intelligent Terminals and 15 million industry modules by 2020. In order to support the ecological construction of 5G industry, China mobile will also launch the "double billion plan" in 2020, invest 10 billion yuan to introduce ecological rights, Home Intelligent Terminals and large-screen content, and share 10 billion yuan of new income with partners in the field of mobile cloud, DICT integrated application and industrial intelligent hardware.



In the "Future has come ·5G terminal new product release conference" held on the afternoon of 15th, China mobile announced the member of "5G terminal pioneer industry alliance", and Wingtech Technology was listed among them as the only ODM enterprise.


At this conference, Wingtech Technology with 5G module, 5G CPE, 5G box and other products exhibited and shining. Among them, Wingtech Technology, the pioneer 01 of 5G BOX developed by China mobile, recently won the "2019 Annual Intelligent Hardware Design Innovation Competition Swan Award" for China mobile.


China mobile 5G BOX pioneer 01



5G communication module WM518



Wingtech Technology WTCPE_5G_PRO



Wingtech Technology WM518



 China mobile pioneer P1 5G CPE


Through China Mobile Global Partner Conference, China Mobile and the general industry partners to conduct comprehensive, multi-field and multi-level cooperation and achieved fruitful results, realized their own development, the prosperity of industry ecology, promotes the economic transformation, promoting the social progress, is to lead the global information society.

As a member of the industry alliance of 5G terminal pioneers, Wingtech Technology will continue to cooperate with industrial partners for win-win results, push the industry to constantly break through the boundary, continue scientific and technological innovation, and jointly lead the 5G era!

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