News of Wingtech

Wingtech Technology was included in the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect on December 16th



On December 9th , the Hong Kong stock exchange announced the revised list of Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect, and Wingtech Technology became one of the stocks that can be traded northward.

According to a Hong Kong stock exchange filing, the inclusion of Wingtech Technology and other shares in the Shanghai-Hong Kong stock connect is based on the changes in the Shanghai 180 and Shanghai 380 indices on December 2nd , 2019. Wingtech Technology was included in the sample for the first time in the Shanghai 380 index.

In addition, on October 18th , the Shanghai stock exchange announced the list of margin financing, Wingtech Technology was also included in the first time. On November 8th , Wingtech Technology was also included in the MSCI China A shares onshore index for the first time.In 2019, the performance of Wingtech Technology increased significantly, and it is advancing the realization of strategic goals with solid steps. Recently, it has been included in the the margin list, the Shanghai 380 index, the MSCI China a-share onshore index and the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect, which fully demonstrates the recognition of Wingtech in the capital market and will be an important start for Wingtech to go to international in the capital market.

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