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Wingtech has officially obtained the control right of Nexperia


Nexperia board of directors completed the reelection and relevant registration of changes in recent days. Zhang Xuezheng, the chairman of Wingtech Technology officially became the chairman of Nexperia. As a result, Wingtech Technology has now totally obtained the control right of Nexperia. Headquartered in Nijmegen, Netherlands, Nexperia will stay an independent company, operating under Dutch law, and with the same management team, led by CEO Frans Scheper.

The new ownership comes as Nexperia is experiencing a very successful period, significantly out-performing the market, launching more new products and with an expanded manufacturing capacity of more than 90 billion parts annually. Automotive is a key industry from Nexperia, and the company is increasing its already-burgeoning portfolio of AEC Q100/101-qualified parts. The company also leads in the consumer, communications and industrial markets. It continues to innovate with compelling new products that are efficient in power, size and performance.

Comments Chairman of Wingtech Technology and Nexperia Zhang Xuezheng: "After the acquisition of Nexperia, Wingtech Technology will integrate the technology, product, customer and innovation capabilities of both sides, and make full efforts in 5G, IoT and semiconductor fields."

Comments CEO Frans Scheper: “Expanding our business in China has been one of our main goals since we launched in 2017. The change of ownership is another step that confirms we are on the right track and it will open up new opportunities for Nexperia, like 5G and related sectors. We have ambitious growth plans and will continue to invest to support both new technologies and expanded capacity at our worldwide facilities.”

Wingtech Technology is a global leader in innovative design and manufacturing of communication products. Wingtech Technology has been ranked among the top in the shipment of mobile phone ODM industry for continues years. It has a broad layout in the fields of tablet, laptop, IoT, automotive electronics and intelligent hardware. In the first three quarters of 2019, Wingtech Technology has achieved rapid growth in revenue and profit, showing strong growth potential in all business areas.


About Nexperia:

Nexperia is the expert in high-volume production of discrete and MOSFET components and analog & logic ICs that meet the stringent standards set by the Automotive industry. With an absolute focus on efficiency, Nexperia consistently produces the essential semiconductors required by every electronic design in the world: more than 90 billion annually. Products that are benchmarks in efficiency - in process, size, power and performance - with industry-leading small packages that save valuable energy and space.

With decades of experience, supplying to the world’s biggest companies, Nexperia has over 11,000 employees across Asia, Europe , offering global support. The company has an extensive IP portfolio and is certified to IATF 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

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