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Wingtech Chairman New Year’s speech: Self Iteration and Refresh the Boundary



Dear all Wingtech Nexperia colleagues:

Happy New Year!

In 2019, Wingtech against the trend and achieved rapid growth and achieved large-scale increase in revenue. In the year, many of our management teams and employees gave up their vacation during the holidays, worked day and night, and devoted themselves to the front line, meeting customer needs and meeting revenue targets. At this beautiful moment, on behalf of the company, I would like to extend sincere thanks and best wishes for the New Year to all the staff and their families.

The achievements of 2019 was tough. In the difficult environment of the international trade war, the difficulties of the domestic economic downturn, and the declining demand of the entire industry, all of Wingtech staff have been firm in our confidence, have not been afraid of difficulties, and have worked tirelessly to achieve high-speed growth in 2019. In particular, Wingtech has made good achievements in the following three aspects in 2019:

First, when the industry declined by more than 20%, Wingtech as the leader, brought more than 100 million sets of new market to our industry.
Second, we successfully completed the largest semiconductor acquisition in China's history, at 33.8 billion RMB, when economy downturn, declining liquidity, and a number of companies shut down.

Third, we have successfully completed the international layout and achieved large-scale local delivery and local currency settlement in major regions of the world, despite the frequent occurrence of trade disputes among various countries.


Through more than ten years of development, especially the rapid growth against the market in 2019, Wingtech's communication business has been highlighted as a Beta industry with extremely high growth potential. This industry has a very high growth space and can become bigger and stronger. With 60 years of stable and strong cash flow business, Nexperia has been one of the few Alpha companies for a long time in the semiconductor industry. When 2019 is coming to an end and 2020 is coming, we will complete the delivery of Nexperia semiconductor on Christmas Eve, and Nexperia will officially join the family of Wingtech. Alpha semiconductor, a company with stable cash flow for 60 years, will join the family of Wingtech, providing stable cash flow guarantee for Wingtech. In 2019, Wingtech has completed the transformation from a high-growth Beta company to a semiconductor Alpha company + a high-growth Beta communications rapid growth company!

Looking forward 2020

If 4G made the Internet change the industry, the arrival of 5G will completely change the industry as we know it now. 5G technology will change the world. 2020 is the year of 5G application. Global 5G phones are expected to exceed 300 million by 2020, of which 200 million will be in China. China has more than a billion mobile phone users and will see the first phenomenon of replacement in 2020. It is foreseeable that 5G technology will bring more than five years of golden development period for our industry, and in the next five years, we will experience the global 5G mobile phone replacement tide. The first thing is mobile phone, the second are laptop and tablet, and the third are IoT and vehicle. 5G will reduce costs and build supply chains through mass coverage of mobile phones, which will then penetrate and grow in every industry.


Wingtech Beta communication business

In such a year of the beginning of 5G in 2020, the communication business of Wingtech will usher in a high speed growth. The original uncertainty has become certainty. As long as all Wingtech people try their best and work hard to turn certainty into real revenue, we will reach high speed growth!

Wingtech Alpha Nexperia business

The arrival of 5G will create many new demands. The arrival of new technologies will bring new products and new semiconductor demands. 5G products require miniaturization, low power consumption and small area, which will bring about a new iteration of requirements in the semiconductor parts industry. Wingtech is one of the earliest companies to launch 5G products. We will launch 5G products on a large scale in 2020, and we have a relatively clear understanding of the future technology trend and product demand of 5G products. We will obtain the demand for semiconductor products from the future product demand and product direction, promote the R&D and manufacturing of new products, and lead the industry demand.


This is a bonus period brought by the technological revolution. Starting from 2020, Wingtech's Beta business will continue to grow at a high speed. We have made a growth plan for the next 10 years. After the acquisition of Nexperia, Wingtech will also make full use of the high-speed development period of 5G, take advantage of China's product market and capital market, and promote the strong growth of Beta business with Nexperia Alpha Company. Semiconductor is the main direction of the industry in the future, the capital market is very optimistic about the semiconductor. As an A-share listed company, we will make full use of the recognition of the capital market to increase our investment inNexperia, establish R&D centers, Wafer fabs and Test facilities in China, and increase investment in the Chinese market and customers to help Nexperia expand into more areas in 5G. All of this will help Nexperia add a strong Beta and create a new Beta in Alpha.

In 2020, the first year of the next decade, we can be sure that Wingtech Nexperia will enter a period of rapid development, which requires us to constantly accelerate self-iteration, constantly refresh the cognitive boundaries of each of us, refresh the boundaries of each of our departments, update the boundaries of our company and our industry. The speed of self-iteration determines the speed at which each of us grows and the speed at which we refresh the boundaries! In the process of rapid company development, company has a broad space for development, more business, more technology area, more and more opportunities for a promotion and salary, better returns, as long as you constant iterative self, believe each of us to rise rapidly in Wingtech, receive his career and life dream.

Finally, at this exciting time, we sincerely wish our colleagues and family a Happy New Year, good health and a happy family!

Zhang Xuezheng

Chairman of Wingtech Technology

Chairman of Nexperia

January 1, 2020

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