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A Party Of Many Distinguished Friends Talking About Future: An Interview with Xuezheng Zhang, The Board Chairman Of Wingtech


Today we have an interview with Mr. Xuezheng Zhang, chairman of Wingtech and Nexperia B.V.


Xuezheng Zhang, Chairman of Wingtech and Nexperia


Q: In order to enable consumers to use high-quality 5G phones in 2019, Qualcomm launched the ‘5G pilot plan’ with Chinese partners in January 2018. Two years later, the ‘5G pilot plan’ has been a great success, with Chinese manufacturers' 5G phones entering the first batch of carriers in almost every region of the world. Wingtech is one of the earliest participating enterprises in this plan. Could you talk about the cooperation between Wingtech and Qualcomm?


Xuezheng Zhang: Wingtech has a long history of cooperation with Qualcomm. In the 2G era, we have deep cooperation on CDMA platform. In the era of 3G and 4G, the cooperation between Wingtech and Qualcomm continues to deepen and Wingtech has become one of Qualcomm's largest customers in the ODM field.


As an important customer of Qualcomm in 5G field and the only ODM enterprise participating in the ‘5G pilot plan’ in the first batch, Wingtech has developed many terminal products based on Qualcomm's 5G products and technologies. There will be mass production of 5G products in 2020, enabling global consumers to enjoy the innovation and changes brought by 5G technology.


Q: Whole society is talking about 5G this year. But Rome wasn't built in a day, the layout of Wingtech in 5G field is very early in fact. Could you please introduce to us the investment and layout of Wingtech in 5G field?


Xuezheng Zhang: As the world's largest mobile phone ODM enterprise, Wingtech has been committed to providing customers with the latest technologies and products. As early as 2018, Wingtech started the layout of 5G, including the investment of more than 100 million RMB in 5G research and development test equipment and instruments, hundreds of millions in 5G research and development team building, pre-research and development of various products. In addition, Wingtech had also carried out large-scale technical upgrading of production lines and production equipments to meet the production requirements of various 5G products. With these huge investments, Wingtech can take the lead in providing research and development and manufacturing services of various 5G products for global brands and operators.



Q: What other types of 5G terminal products will Wingtech launch in the future?


Xuezheng Zhang: Wingtech and Qualcomm have maintained a close and in-depth cooperation. In addition to cooperation in mobile phones, Wingtech has also developed a large number of tablets, Snapdragon, VR/AR, IoT and automotive module products based on Qualcomm's products and technologies. Our customers are the mainstream brands in all fields of the world.


Q: Mobile phones and other wireless products are the outstanding representatives of ‘Made in China’. Wingtech has made an important contribution to China's “mobile phone overseas”. Please tell us more about the story behind it.


Xuezheng Zhang: Wingtech is the first ODM company to adopt the local industrial chain on a large scale. With the support of our industrial chain partners, our Chinese customers have moved from the Chinese market to the global market. Our Chinese supply chain partners are also working with Wingtech, from serving Chinese brands to now serving top global brands.


In this process, Wingtech also gradually completed the international layout. At present, we have set up large-scale production bases overseas and realized local production and local currency settlement. More than 2 million units per month have been shipped in India and 700k per month shipped in Indonesia. We will continue to increase our investment to build a manufacturing base with annual shipments of over 100 million units in India and increase the production of injection molding, spraying and other components. In the future, Wingtech will form a production capacity of 200 million sets of 100 million sets at home and 100 million sets abroad, making greater contribution to the “Mobile phone overseas” in China.


Q: The 2010s are coming to an end and the 2020s are coming. How do we evaluate the brilliant 2010s of Wingtech, and please talk about the magnificent next decade?


Xuezheng Zhang: Technology has brought changes to The Times. Founded 14 years ago, Wingtech has witnessed the global technological revolution brought by smart phones and the wave of mobile Internet era. In this wave, we completed the process of founding, going public, becoming No.1 in the industry and acquiring Nexperia B.V. We had also witnessed the changes in the global mobile phone market and the rise of the mobile phone industry chain in China in the decade.


5G will bring a whole new wave of world-changing technologies. Wingtech will rely on our accumulated scale, technology and industry Top 1 position during the 2010s. Starting from the first year of 5G in 2020, we will be at the forefront of the 5G technology revolution and wave, constantly pushing the boundaries from mobile phones to tablets, laptops, IoT and automotives. In the next 10 years, we will bring 5G technology to all industries. We believe that in the 2020s we will be a borderless Wingtech. The world in the 2020s will be very different, and human life will be better.

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