News of Wingtech

Wingtech Technology was included in the MSCI global standard index


At 6:00am on February 13, MSCI released the list of quarterly adjustments for February 2020 on its website. Seven new stocks were added to the MSCI global standard index, including Wingtech Technology and PICC. These changes will take effect after the closing on February 28.


Previously, Wingtech Technology has been included in margin trading, the Shanghai 380 index, the MSCI China A shares onshore index component and the Shanghai-Hong Kong stock connect.


In 2019, Wingtech Technology has achieved a substantial growth in its performance. It is expected to realize the net profit of 1.250 billion RMB to 1.50 billion RMB for the whole year, with a year-on-year growth of 1949%-2358%. It is advancing the realization of strategic goals with step by step. The continuous inflow of foreign capital fully demonstrates the recognition of Wingtech in the global capital market, which will be an important beginning for Wingtech to become international in the capital market.

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